What Are The Best Qvidian Alternatives In 2021?

The ongoing pandemic has impacted how asset managers and investors operate. While asset managers are embracing software platforms to improve business outcomes, proposal automation may require more time and personnel. Asset managers largely use Qvidian to generate RFP (Request for proposal) responses and for creating proposals. However, if you are looking out for Qvidian alternatives.

Here Is A List Of Them:

  1. Proposify

One of the best features of Proposify is that it allows for collaboration between various users to work on a single project and get regular updates. It also provides multiple templates and document management. Users can create a repository of content and knowledge for later date use.

2. Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the top qvidian alternatives available allowing multiple services through a single software or program for users. It boasts of an easy-to-use interface allowing for the quick formation of a proposal and enabling users to send it in a single click. Salesforce has various standard and custom fields. Therefore, it is convenient to build proposals and an in-built costing system that allows users to provide quotations in various formats easily. One of the key features of Salesforce is scalability in terms of large quotes generation.


An AI-based and cloud-based platform, it allows for quick and user-friendly functionality. Users can create proposals using MS Excel, MS Word or PDF with both import and export facilities available. Along with various methods to create a proposal, RFPIO contains a knowledge base and project management tool allowing for proper review summaries, dashboard view, and even charting techniques like Gantt charts. RFPIO also contains a recommendation engine using AI for auto-suggestion and a library of responses.

4. Pandadoc

More than 27,000 organizations trust Pandadoc. It provides an all-in-one workflow automation platform that enables large teams to easily manage multiple digital documents, including quotes, proposals, and contracts.

5. RFP360

RFP360 allows for multi-level tracking for open proposals to view if a vendor has accepted the proposal. This allows for real-time updates for a project and that combined with the collaboration tool that RFP360 provides, makes it one of the better functionalities available. RFP360 also offers search functionality that can enable the user to prepare the best proposal using the content and knowledge base.


A survey was conducted with respondents working in firms with average assets under management of more than $330 billion. The survey revealed that only two dedicated employees are handling RFPs. Choosing the right person and platform to lead the RFP is of vital importance. As a decision-maker, if you are uncertain of which platform to choose, rely on a credible firm such as Acuity Knowledge Partners to avail insights about selecting the most suitable Qvidian alternative.




Michael Brown is working as a Financial advisor since 2016 at AcuityKP..

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Michael Brown

Michael Brown

Michael Brown is working as a Financial advisor since 2016 at AcuityKP..

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